Welcome to KyPPo.net

I hope you will find my little website useful in some capacity. I consider it my "free space", where I can do pretty much what I want - if I'm in the mood for a blog entry, I'll do that. If I feel like throwing up a guide to something, I'll just do that. As I said, my free space to do what I want.

As stated above, you can find articles of various sorts, downloads, blog entries and so forth here. It is also my hope to get a community going with a forum at which people can register and join the talks.

If you have suggestions or other ways you'd like to contribute to KyPPo.net, feel free to CONTACT me.


Yea, so, I've actually finished the site. The forums have been enabled and KyPPo.net is all good to go.

So now there's just a...

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