This is probably gonna be a short post.

I really just want to share the news that yesterday I launched a Patreon page. Very excited to get that train on the tracks, and even more excited to see where it may lead!

To those of you unfamiliar with Patreon, it is a social platform where a creator of stuff (like myself) can get support in the form of subscriptions from fans. This provides some form of income to the creator, allowing them to expand on their productions, whatever they may be, by either improving quality, quantity or both, this getting better/more content to their fans.

I don't actually have any real expectations at this time, as to what I'd like to achieve with...

So yea, I've been gone from this site for quite a while. And not only here, but YouTube and Twitch as well. I'd like to use this post to talk a little bit about stress.

I got hit pretty hard by stress after starting my new position at work. There was so much new stuff to learn, innumerable responsibilities and tasks that had to be done. Young and almighty as I was, I tried to take it all on pretty much at the same time, tossing in a load of hours after work to get through it, thus only rarely taking time off for some R&R. Of course this went just fine for a while, but then I started to take caffeine and other kinds of energy suppleants just to get through the day, because...

Online presence
Hey all,

Just wanted to throw in a quick post about expanding my online presence. I've created a channel on the IRC network of "IRCsource" (more) called #kyppodk where you can hang out if you wanna chat with me outside of Twitch streams. You can join me here:, channel #kyppodk.

Besides that, I've also setup a TeamSpeak3 server ( that you are free to hang out on. Keep in mind, however, that in order to leave the lobby, you need to be verified by an admin (at the moment, that's just me). I'll get an actual ruleset written up at some point, but at this time, rules for verification are quite simple:
- 18+ (profanities may...

New microphone (and Italobrothers)
Today I just wanted to share a bit of news that I'm very excited about! A few days ago, I got a new microphone, the omnipresent Blue Yeti that is basically (from what I understand) the single most used microphone among YouTube and Twitch gamers. Having tried it out, I can absolutely understand why. The sound quality is simply amazing, especially compared to what I was coming from - which I actually thought was pretty decent! So now it's even more fun for me to do videos when I watch them back afterwards. I hope you'll appreciate this major increase in microphone sound quality as much as I do!

On that note, I started playing The Talos Principle today, and it really seems...

What's been going on?
Hey everyone! I know I've been absent from posting here on my blog, but things have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks. Let me give you a quick run-down of what's been happening:

First off, I've been promoted at work to take over a colleague's position after he stopped on June 30th. It basically means that I went from being in our IT-support to being our systems administrator with responsibility of our entire infrastructure, all our applications and hardware in both our main office, central warehouse and webshop warehouse. So the time until my colleague stopped was pretty much full of me having to learn all he knew, which was near an impossible task in just a...

All set
I know I've been a bit absent on the blogging part, but not that much has happened really. I've kept recording and uploading my Monkey Island videos, because I am quite dedicated to that, and I even uploaded 2 videos today - the final episode of Monkey Island 2 and the first episode of Monkey Island 3 (Curse of Monkey Island).

Anyway, so I finally received my new hardware and I've gotten it all setup and properly installed. It's awesome! First thing I did was test it out on Watch Dogs which I haven't been able to play before due to earlier mentioned lack of DX11 compatibility. Runs great even on highest settings, I love that.

So there's not much to say in...