Alright, so I've been messing around a lot lately with my stream settings, not quite understanding why my stream has been of such ruddy quality lately. I have a fairly decent - if not above average - hardware setup, and great bandwidth, so I felt like my stream quality should be pretty good, but it remained laggy and overall poor, unwatchable actually.

Long story short, it turned out that a service on my PC (MSI ActiveX Service, no less!) was hogging about 50% CPU which, besides the games' ressource usage in itself, left very little for stream encoding. But having disabled that, after confirming that it wouldn't cause issues with a bit of online research, I tested again and it was running smooth as a baby's bottom. A bit further tweaking of settings showed that I can in fact run a stream of good quality (720p/60FPS) and the game settings on high! Well, at least that's confirmed for 7 Days to Die, which is what I mostly play and stream recently.

So, with that major issue out of the way, I am now super psyched for my next stream! I hope I can engage some viewers into joining me both in-game and on my new TeamSpeak. I would love to share the whole experience with (new?) friends!