Oh wow. More than 6 months of absence from posting on my own damn blog!? That's embarrassing, quite frankly.

But, truth be told, there hasn't been all that much to tell. Work has been keeping me crazy busy, but recently I've once again found time to be gaming. Not a lot, as of yet, but I try to put in time on both YouTube and Twitch, mainly the latter. I do however feel that I need some new games to be playing on there. Also lost a bit of momentum on YouTube after I realized, that I probably won't be able to obtain the games needed to fulfill the series (the old Harry Potter games).

That being said, I've opened up a channel of communication with everyone who'd like to have a talk with me or perhaps join me in some games! Some may find it old-fashioned, but it is a TeamSpeak3 server, which can be find at ts.kyppo.net. I hope you'll drop by and say hi!
Now, there are a few, simple rules on the server, nothing too difficult to abide by, I reckon:

- The server is 18+.
- There is a quick screening process to keep out full-on morons and underages.

I will also be making a new box to the right with links to all kyppo.net servers. This list also includes my 7 Days to Die server, which I'm looking very much forward to playing on soon!

EDIT: Best part about this post is that I just realized, that I used to have a TeamSpeak server already, which I've even posted about earlier! Well done, kyppo. Long story short, I've removed the "Community" page and replaced it with a "Servers" page where both an overview can be found, and more specific info on the individual servers, such as server rules and other potentially relevant stuff.