OK, first off: I apologize. This post is gonna be the first in a while (as per usual standard, eh?), and I am going to use it to bitch and whine.

Having read the entire Dark Tower series by genius author Stephen King, I was really looking forward to watching the relatively new movie of the same name, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey (yes, I had to look up the name to get the spelling right). Also a short appearance by Dennis Haysbert, whom for some reason I always mistake for Denzel Washington - no matter, Haysbert is a good actor too.

Anyhow, with an amazing novel/series at its back and what I'd say is an above average cast, one would expect a good movie, right? Right. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical about the hour and a half the movie lasts, but I was more than willing to dive into it head first and let myself be amazed and entertained!

But alas, I was sorely disappointed. The only links between the books and this disaster of a movie is some of the names and general plotline (defend the Dark Tower). There are so many inconsistencies that it just hurts to watch for anyone who has read and truly enjoyed the books.

Granted, the movie is well made and the actors do a good job with what they're given, but whoever put together this mockery should be made to walk barefoot across a floor full of Lego bricks until the end of their days. Anyone unfamiliar with the books will most likely enjoy the movie and feel entertained most of the way throughout, but not me, no sir. This movie is leaving my collection right away!

So consider this a fair warning to any Dark Tower fans out there: Do not watch this movie! It will hurt your eyes and soul.

Now to watch Westworld season 2.