Hello all. I just realized that I've actually been neglecting my YouTube videos a bit lately.. I am sorry about this.

I'd like to try and explain this, as it has actually been a somewhat deliberate - if subconscious - decision on my part. I have been hanging out on TeamSpeak for a while now, making new friends and playing lots of games online. Also I've focused quite a lot on making a new forum layout for the Zero Fucks clan (known mainly for the YouTube videos of one SovietWomble), and I'm quite happy with the result! You can check it out HERE.

While you as a YouTube viewer don't really get to enjoy that directly, you actually might in the future, as I feel this is not only improving my English speaking skills a bit (practice makes perfect, yes?), but also the quality of my published content. I am trying to stream to Twitch when I can, preferably when I play with others too, as I really enjoy the live interaction with viewers there, and at some point I will start uploading these live streams to YouTube afterwards in their raw, unedited form (just like my "Let's Play" videos).

I'd love it if you'd come check out my streams when you can! Of course, to really keep up with when I go live, you would have to follow my channel and turn the notifications on but.. that wouldn't really be so bad, would it? ;) Anyway, here's a link: https://twitch.tv/kyppodk