All set
2017-06-07 @ 09:06PM
I know I've been a bit absent on the blogging part, but not that much has happened really. I've kept recording and uploading my Monkey Island videos, because I am quite dedicated to that, and I even uploaded 2 videos today - the final episode of Monkey Island 2 and the first episode of Monkey Island 3 (Curse of Monkey Island).

Anyway, so I finally received my new hardware and I've gotten it all setup and properly installed. It's awesome! First thing I did was test it out on Watch Dogs which I haven't been able to play before due to earlier mentioned lack of DX11 compatibility. Runs great even on highest settings, I love that.

So there's not much to say in...

Back home
2017-05-23 @ 10:01PM
Hey everyone, I am back home, and of course that warranted a bit of celebration by getting a new Let's Play video online! Part 3 of my Let's Play The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is now available on YouTube right here. Before making this video, I went ahead and moved my microphone around a bit, so the sound quality should have improved quite a bit - well, as much as one can expect of an older, not-so-high-end microphone. At least I can tell there's a difference, and I hope my viewers can too!

This isn't actually gonna be a long post, but there is one thing I'd like to mention, that I am quite excited about:

At work I will likely be tasked with...

First video is on YouTube!
2017-05-17 @ 05:44PM
I know I initially said that I would be livestreaming my playthrough of the Monkey Island series. I even did stream it on Twitch for the first 30 odd minutes.

But then I realized, that I would actually rather have this video be a more dedicated recording, focusing solely on the gameplay itself, rather on having to focus on potential viewers saying hello (which I actually like a lot, just not when doing this), so I went ahead and started over from scratch and it resulted in my very first video now being online and publically available on YouTube!

It's a good 36 minutes video of me starting with the game The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, and I actually think that I...

New times, old games
2017-05-14 @ 06:00PM
I've been spending the last couple of days expanding my online presence, meaning that I got a Facebook page running (actually I deleted an old page and created a brand new page), revamping my Twitter profile a bit, and I even created a YouTube page for myself too. I will share the link to that once I actually get some content on it.

Speaking of content, I have also spent time on setting up OBS Studio (OBS meaning "Open Broadcaster Software") rather than XSplit which I used for streaming at the beginning. I have a couple of reasons for making this switch, and they actually make a lot of sense to me. First off, OBS is much lighter on the CPU usage, leaving more CPU to the...