For real, though?
2018-07-03 @ 12:19AM
Oh wow. More than 6 months of absence from posting on my own damn blog!? That's embarrassing, quite frankly.

But, truth be told, there hasn't been all that much to tell. Work has been keeping me crazy busy, but recently I've once again found time to be gaming. Not a lot, as of yet, but I try to put in time on both YouTube and Twitch, mainly the latter. I do however feel that I need some new games to be playing on there. Also lost a bit of momentum on YouTube after I realized, that I probably won't be able to obtain the games needed to fulfill the series (the old Harry Potter games).

That being said, I've opened up a channel of communication with everyone...

Online presence
2017-07-24 @ 05:18PM
Hey all,

Just wanted to throw in a quick post about expanding my online presence. I've created a channel on the IRC network of "IRCsource" (more) called #kyppodk where you can hang out if you wanna chat with me outside of Twitch streams. You can join me here: irc.ircsource.net, channel #kyppodk.

Besides that, I've also setup a TeamSpeak3 server (ts3.kyppo.net) that you are free to hang out on. Keep in mind, however, that in order to leave the lobby, you need to be verified by an admin (at the moment, that's just me). I'll get an actual ruleset written up at some point, but at this time, rules for verification are quite simple:
- 18+ (profanities may...