7 Days to SURVIVE
2018-07-08 @ 12:08AM
Alright, so I've been messing around a lot lately with my stream settings, not quite understanding why my stream has been of such ruddy quality lately. I have a fairly decent - if not above average - hardware setup, and great bandwidth, so I felt like my stream quality should be pretty good, but it remained laggy and overall poor, unwatchable actually.

Long story short, it turned out that a service on my PC (MSI ActiveX Service, no less!) was hogging about 50% CPU which, besides the games' ressource usage in itself, left very little for stream encoding. But having disabled that, after confirming that it wouldn't cause issues with a bit of online research, I tested again...

YouTube negligence
2017-11-15 @ 05:42PM
Hello all. I just realized that I've actually been neglecting my YouTube videos a bit lately.. I am sorry about this.

I'd like to try and explain this, as it has actually been a somewhat deliberate - if subconscious - decision on my part. I have been hanging out on TeamSpeak for a while now, making new friends and playing lots of games online. Also I've focused quite a lot on making a new forum layout for the Zero Fucks clan (known mainly for the YouTube videos of one SovietWomble), and I'm quite happy with the result! You can check it out HERE.

While you as a YouTube viewer don't really get to enjoy that directly, you actually might in the future, as I feel...

All set
2017-06-07 @ 09:06PM
I know I've been a bit absent on the blogging part, but not that much has happened really. I've kept recording and uploading my Monkey Island videos, because I am quite dedicated to that, and I even uploaded 2 videos today - the final episode of Monkey Island 2 and the first episode of Monkey Island 3 (Curse of Monkey Island).

Anyway, so I finally received my new hardware and I've gotten it all setup and properly installed. It's awesome! First thing I did was test it out on Watch Dogs which I haven't been able to play before due to earlier mentioned lack of DX11 compatibility. Runs great even on highest settings, I love that.

So there's not much to say in...

New hardware incoming
2017-05-30 @ 10:19PM
So this is actually going to be a pretty short post, but I pretty much just wanna share it with you all!

I've gotten a pretty decent bonus at work, and I decided to spend some of it on treating myself to some new hardware for my gaming PC:

I've bought myself a new graphics card (ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 O8G-DUAL) and a new monitor that'll support HDMI. This means that I can get rid of the old and horrible monitor I'm currently using as a secondary, switching that out with the one that is currently my primary monitor, and then use the new one as primary. It's going to be great, I'm really looking forward to that. At some point I'll probably want to...