New TV
Alright, short post for now. I bought a new TV a couple of days ago, and I'm super excited about it! 50" Ultra HD/4K, and it is seeexyyy, I'm here to tell ya! So yea, just wanted to share that on here :D

Oh, and I'm thinking about reworking the design for this website.. more on that later, if I move on with the thought.

All the best!

Summer is upon us
I swear, I totally haven't forgotten about my blog! It's just that my life tends to hit these dull streaks where I have no clue what to write. Or maybe it's just that I'm legit terrible at sharing shit from aforementioned life... Either way, the blog is here to be used! And apparently this blog is supposed to be about stuff that happens in my life. So... what's going on?

First off, I've quit my job. Not because I'm tired of it or anything, but because I got a very tempting offer from another company. You know, interesting job description, higher salary, shorter commute, all that jazz. So I accepted this new job and quit my old one. Technically it's...

Quick note - the rebranding of my online profiles is well underway, and the majority of it is complete.

The incredibly talented Reuben Farley (check out his website) has created a bunch of new graphics for me, including a profile picture and all sorts of other stuff, and I'm so excited about it!

Now, this is only the beginning, and more graphics will come, along with smaller tweaks across my profiles on various social media platforms. It's gonna be great!

In relation to this, I will be holding an event on my stream in the very near future (weekend, mayhaps?) with a giveaway! Possibly some other exciting things, who knows?

The Dark Tower, my arse...
OK, first off: I apologize. This post is gonna be the first in a while (as per usual standard, eh?), and I am going to use it to bitch and whine.

Having read the entire Dark Tower series by genius author Stephen King, I was really looking forward to watching the relatively new movie of the same name, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey (yes, I had to look up the name to get the spelling right). Also a short appearance by Dennis Haysbert, whom for some reason I always mistake for Denzel Washington - no matter, Haysbert is a good actor too.

Anyhow, with an amazing novel/series at its back and what I'd say is an above average cast, one would expect a good movie, right?...

No Drama Crew
It's no secret that I've wanted to build a community for a while now, starting with the creation of a TeamSpeak server open to the public. Now I've decided to go all in on the project, with the main reason for this being that I want to build it up on something different than my own name and "brand". I don't want this community to be centered around myself but around the people apart of it.

Obviously, with it being a clan, the main part is to band together a group of people who like to hang out and play games together. But the vision of the clan is to include a much larger amount of people, bidding everyone (18+) welcome to the community.

In a way, when...

7 Days to SURVIVE
Alright, so I've been messing around a lot lately with my stream settings, not quite understanding why my stream has been of such ruddy quality lately. I have a fairly decent - if not above average - hardware setup, and great bandwidth, so I felt like my stream quality should be pretty good, but it remained laggy and overall poor, unwatchable actually.

Long story short, it turned out that a service on my PC (MSI ActiveX Service, no less!) was hogging about 50% CPU which, besides the games' ressource usage in itself, left very little for stream encoding. But having disabled that, after confirming that it wouldn't cause issues with a bit of online research, I tested again...